What is Gardening Exodus

Gardening Exodus is a website dedicated to reviving the garden industry. Many people are lost when it comes to gardening and this website is for them. At Gardening Exodus we will be teaching people how to garden and grow their own crops easily. We will also be giving pointers on how to take your of your garden and plant flowers.

Who Are We?

We are a group of people in Toronto encouraging individuals to take part in gardening whether they live in the country or the city. As environmental activists we would like to see a greener world and would like to see people living in an environmentally friendlier way.

Our Message

We want to not only bring awareness of environmental problems but also teach others how to respond and prevent environmental damage. We are all in this together and through planting/gardening we can not only make the world’s air better but also a more beautiful place.

Sustainable Grass Growing For Cattle

Raising beef is no easy task especially with the amount of grass they consume. If you have a lot of livestock you must ensure that you have a lot of land for the cows to roam and eat. Many farms nowadays use chemicals in the grass to make it grow faster. This is a problem for those who love grass fed beef as you could be consuming toxic chemicals. One way I prevent this is to eat organic and always look for the organic certifications. There is a store selling halal meat and I prefer to shop there. With halal meat, I know there has been no chemicals fed to the animal and that it is perfectly healthy. This meat store raises their own animals and sells it in their shop so I know for sure their steaks are healthy and safe.

Gardening In Toronto

In Toronto, many people have large yards and as a result cannot maintain their own property.  The then switch to a professional landscape company for assistance. There are pros and cons of hiring a landscape company. I would say the first negative point is the cost. Landscaping a large yard can become very costly especially if you want designs that are in demand. Flagstones can end up costing a lot which is why I suggest something cheaper. There is a company called vaughan landscaping in toronto, and they provide full service landscaping services. Many people have given them positive reviews and are happy with their work. They can do many services such as snow plowing, lawn maintenance and much more. The pros of hiring a landscape contractor is immense. You can increase the value of your home and impress guests. Your neighbours will also compliment your lawn and they will see you are dedicated to beautifying the neighbourhood.


The Right Way To Trim Roses

As spring is right around the corner, it is time to trim your roses correctly. Responsible rose growing also entails that you look out for your plant’s overall welfare. You must take into consideration their healthy growth. One of the best ways to do this is pruning. Pruning your roses is very essential because it stimulates new growth and helps to remove winter damaged limbs. The way a rose needs to be trimmed would highly depend on the class of rose it belongs to and the season. Climbing roses and rose bushes are two unique brands of roses which demand a slightly modified way of trimming or pruning. In this article, you will find some helpful tips to serve as your guideline on how to trim roses.Spring is the best time to trim most roses. It is recommended for roses that bloom on wood from the previous 12 months should only be trimmed during the fall once they have finished blooming. There are 3 parts in pruning roses in spring.

1.) Get rid of damaged canes and limbs.

2.) Trim away any limbs that are not growing away from the center of the plant. This is particularly crucial as limbs that grow inward cut down on air circulation and increase the probability of a bug infestation.

3.) Look at your plant. Is it interesting? Is it symmetrical? If not, then trim appropriately so that it not only fits in the allotted space, but looks neatly pruned.Climbing roses require to be trimmed slightly different from other roses. They are a huge plant that takes a great deal of patience to grow. It is for this reason that climbing roses are not pruned as aggressively as most rose shrubs.

Trimming roses entails getting rid of rotten canes or limbs. This includes climbing roses. Do not over prune young climbing roses. This is to be observed for the first few years.Annual pruning of roses is recommended to ensure healthy growth and beautiful blooms. Most roses should be pruned in spring.

Take note that it is important not to prune young climbing roses too often. The first few years of these climbing roses, less pruning should be observed.Annual pruning of roses is recommended to ensure healthy growth and beautiful blooms. Most roses are pruned during the spring however for rambling roses, they should not be pruned until they are finished flowering. There may be slight variations in the demands of the various roses there are ,but the basic methods remain the same.

Achieving A Better Looking Lawn

You just purchased your first house and have no idea what to do with the huge expanse of lawn you have acquired. Or maybe you’ve owned the home for awhile and the lawn is not looking quite as nice as it did. Either way, what can be done to make your lawn look better?

It does take time to get a healthy lawn, however it is not difficult. The proper care of your lawn can improve its appearance. Environmental benefits can be gained, also. Be realistic, however. Doing it by yourself will take longer than employing a professional lawn care company.

Firstly, if you are still in the stages of laying sod or seeding your lawn, now is the best time to develop healthy soil. Lawns grow best with soil that is somewhere between being heavy with clay and the lighter, sandier variety. There are ways to improve it, regardless of your soil type. Consider mixing in compost, manure or grass clippings. These materials help lighter, sandier soil hold on to water and other essential nutrients while helping lighten heavier soil. You must purchase a style of grass that will thrive in the specific climate where you’re located.

A second tip is to make sure you do not cut your grass too short and only do so with sharp blades. Stronger and better grass production is guaranteed, then. The chances of pest issues are also decreased. You will also see that longer grass has more surface area that can in turn take in more light. It also grows more deeply into the soil which helps it survive. It normally depends entirely on your grass type, but most grass that is between two and a half and three and a half inches is healthiest. If your lawn mower’s blades are dull, it could tear or injure the grass. You will see a dramatic effect in the overall health and growth of your lawn as a result of proper mowing.

A third tip to keep in mind is to regularly water your grass so it will grow deeper, stronger roots. If you are like the majority of people, you probably water your lawn too often but not thoroughly enough to create the effect you want. Instead, watering less frequently but more deeply is really the way to go.

Try these 3 easy suggestions and before you know it, your lawn will be looking gorgeous and healthy. You must also keep in mind that cultivating a lawn’s health can take some time. Set practical goals for yourself and you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

Organic Pest Control

I think organic pest control is one of the aspects of organic gardening that really lures people. Fighting pest insects with other insects or using some common household compounds to kill bugs really is appealing.

One of the awesome benefits of organic gardening is that you will grow healthy plants which will be able to resist pests. Just as wolves prey on the sick, weak and old; insect pests will attack sick, weak plants.

Natural Pesticides and Their Uses

The following work best on small, soft-bodied pests such as aphids or mealy bugs. The white, cottony dots in the picture below are mealy bugs.
Your first line of defense is blasting bugs off with the hose. If you see pests on your plants, try a hard stream of the hose to physically relocate them.

If the pests are resistant and need more convincing, you can spray them with soap spray. Just mix a few shavings of ivory bar soap or other natural bar soap with water in a spray bottle. Do not use dish detergent. Spray your pests regularly for a few days. They should dry up and disappear. You can also use insecticidal soap.

Diatomaceous earth is a similar strategy to the soap. It creates an unsafe environment for insect pests. Diatomaceous earth is the fossilized remains of algae, which has turned to rock. It causes insects to dehydrate and die.

Pyrethrums are a ground up flower which are poisonous to most insects.

Dormant oil is great for scale insects. The oil sticks to their bodies and suffocates them.

Tobacco if you are a smoker or know one, collect the butts. Soak the butts in water for several days. Put the water in a spray bottle and spray away. Tobacco contains harmful compounds which can kill insect pests.

Carbon-footprint defined has several good homemade pesticide recipies .

With strategies like these, organic pest control is a breeze.

Natural Pesticides Do Not Have to Be Compounds

Beneficial insects

If you see ladybugs or praying mantis in your garden, rejoice. You must be doing something right. These insects prey on harmful insects in your garden.

For outdoor gardening, you really do not need to purchase beneficial insects. I think these insects are best utilized in greenhouses, where you have a closed system.

I’d also like to mention that ants are not harmful to your garden. My brother killed some tomato plants because he was so freaked out by the ants crawling on the plants.